Social Networking Marketing

Social Networking Marketing (Pay Per Click)


Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns offer the fastest rate of return on your advertising spend. A well crafted campaign can have an ROI (and ROAS!) that far exceeds those of traditional marketing channels. PPC is more than just Google Adwords; today we can run ads with multiple vendors, including:




A good PPC strategy should:

  • Be platform specific, as each platform has their own peculiarities, and the same audience may behave differently from one to the next
  • Be blended with local ads, click-to-call, display and remarketing campaigns in order to provide maximum value
  • Be run alongside organic SEO efforts, as the goal is not only to appear, but to take up as much real estate as possible
  • Be utilized as a medium for usability and conversion optimization testing.


We can help you build a winning PPC strategy from scratch, or help breath new life into unloved campaigns. The not-so-secret blend of targeted keywords, high CRT ad-copy, and a well optimized path to conversion result in positive ROI every time.