Content Management System (CMS)

All websites built by AdTurko run on robust, open-source content management systems, that enable you as the administrator to edit and update the content of your website. No programming or web development knowledge is required for you to manage your website’s pages.  Instead of hiring a web developer to perform content edits each time, you will be able to perform these functions yourself through a user-friendly interface. One-on-one basic training and systems support is absolutely FREE.



Content management systems greatly facilitate online growth, flexibility and marketing. Search engines pick up CMS generated content more easily, driving more traffic to your website as a result.  Content management systems also allow add-ons, such as blogs, photo galleries, and other modules, to be integrated a lot more easily and inexpensively.

At AdTurko, we carefully select the best content management system suited to your web design project specifications.  All content management systems are open-source, very well documented, and consistently maintained, so you will not get “locked” into a proprietary system that only a handful of developers know how to operate and maintain.


Like any major software, CMS platforms should be updated regularly to maintain maximum security. Anti-hacker and anti-virus protection are generally recommended.  Maintaining back-ups of your website is always important, and we make this step exceptionally simple for any website administrator.