Email Marketing

email-marketingEmail Marketing is a form of direct marketing by the use of electronic mail to communicate with new and existing customers. By using Email Marketing, you can stay infront of your customers by promoting products, special offers and competitions and encourage loyalty amongst your customer base to maximise customer retention. It is also a great way to generate additional orders from your existing customers – as a way of constantly reminding them of your name, your brand and the products on offer to them.

Also, if your ecommerce site has our Behavioural Merchandising feature, we can integrate it into your email campaigns, taking your email marketing to the next level of Email 2.0. It delivers highly targeted and personal product recommendations to your customers, based on their search behavior and purchase history. If you have 10,000 email subscribers then with behavioural merchandising, you can customise each newsletter to send out 10,000 personalised emails. Research shows that when combined with segmented subscriber lists in email marketing, behavioural merchandising can increase sales by up to 20%.


Why use email marketing?

    • Helps to maximise the customer lifetime value
    • Can create opportunities to up-selling and cross-promotion
    • Can generate repeat sales and higher conversions
    • Campaigns are quick to deploy and cost effective when compared to traditional marketing
    • Helps to retain customers
    • Promotes brand loyalty within your customer base
    • It builds an emotional connection with your audience
    • Can be integrated into other marketing strategies for a more successful marketing strategy

Our email marketing services include:

    • List Segmentation – This allows you to group email subscribers together based on common trends like location, types of products they buy, ordering habbits etc. in order to target relevant campaigns to them.
    • Template Creation – We create visually stunning email marketing templates for all your email campaigns. Our templates meet all the latest email marketing standards and also include social integration, including Facebook and Twitter.
    • Campaign Strategy Planning – We will help you plan a campaign strategy for your email marketing so you get the most out of each newsletter. We can suggest features and topical content to help you structure the message you want to deliver to your customers.
    • Content Writing – If you require it, we can write your newsletter content for you. We will liaise with you about your email marketing objectives for that month and we will use our team of copy writers to create informative and engaging content to drive your email marketing campaigns.